Group to Look for Ways to Fix Cascades

Group to Look for Ways to Fix Cascades

By FOX 47 News . CREATED Oct 17, 2013

How to fix a popular landmark in Jackson is now in the hands of a special committee.

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners picked seven people to sit on a committee that will discuss the much-needed renovations at Cascades Falls Park at its meeting this week.

The committee includes County Commissioners Julie Alexander, Dave Elwell and John Polaczyk, as well as Derek Dobies, who sits on City Council, Parks and Recreation Chairman Mike Way, Blackman Township Supervisor Peter Jancek and Region 2 Planning Commission Executive Director Steven Duke.

The group will look for ways to pay for the renovations, which total more than $9 million. Earlier this year, the county spent thousands of dollars on upgrading the lighting and sound system at the falls.

The project could include tearing down the wall that surrounds the falls, remove the seating and adding a spray park, among other things.