Grand Rapids Homeless Veteran Video Goes Viral

Grand Rapids Homeless Veteran Video Goes Viral

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Nov 11, 2013

A video showing a homeless man receiving a makeover goes viral online.

Degage Ministries and Rob Bliss Creative worked with a Grand Rapids salon to make a video highlighting the plight of veterans who are homeless.

Jim Wolf is a United States Army Veteran who ended up living on the streets in Grand Rapids. In the video, a stylist gives him a hair cut, trims his beard, and gives him a new suit. At the end of the video, he views himself for the first time with his new look.

The video states that after the making of the video, Jim began attending Alcoholics Anonymous and is scheduled to get into his own housing.

The video has gotten over 10 million views in less that one week.

Degage Ministries says this about the video, and Jim Wolf:

"Our video's message: We are in no way saying that this is the finish line for Jim. This is just the first corner turned. We'd be crazy to think a makeover video would undo the internal damage of decades of poverty and alcoholism. Progress is rarely a straight line forward, especially when it comes to addiction. But it could be the start of something, and we're working hard to help walk him down this new path. For everyone else, we hope to give a hesitation to those that we tune out, a reminder of the potential that even our most down and out citizens will always carry with them.

Information about Degage Ministries: Serving 400-500 individuals daily, Dégagé Ministries offers help and hope to homeless and disadvantaged individuals in our community. Responsive programming is designed to address immediate and long-term needs such as overnight respite for women in crisis, food, referral services and hygiene facilities. While many of our services may seem "simple," those who receive our services take nothing for granted. Often, it is the simplest of gestures that brings the most powerful results."