Fall Home 'DIY' Tips From FOX 47 and Menards

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Fall Home 'DIY' Tips From FOX 47 and Menards

By Jane Sugiyama. CREATED Sep 5, 2013

When it comes to transitioning from the warm to cold months, many homeowners have questions. 

FOX 47 and Menards are teaming up to bring homeowners the answers to their questions, and by providing tips on "do-it-yourself" projects. 

As September approaches and we begin to move into the cool, autumn months, there are certain projects you can tackle to help make the transition as smooth as possible. 

We visited the Menards Lansing West location and spoke with Andrew Ward, who walked us through some of the most important home improvement areas to consider when it comes to homeowners prepping for the fall season. 

Do you know what to do with your extra waste, and put it to good use? You will want to consider a "do it yourself" composting solution that you can do in your very own backyard. 

Are you wanting to plant some new trees and shrubs? You may think that planting season is over, but fall is the ideal time for planting trees and shrubs. The soil is warmer, making it easier for the root bulb to expand and grow than if you were planting in early spring or winter. 

Are your shrubs or trees getting out of control? Some think that pruning is a difficult process, but in fact it is really quite simple and easy with the right tools. 

Tips on these topics and more, in our Fall Home DIY Tips special with Andrew Ward of Menards.