Dog to Provide Support to Crime Victims

Dog to Provide Support to Crime Victims

By FOX 47 News . CREATED Dec 19, 2013

Eaton County has found a way to make what can be a tough and traumatic experience for kids and adults who have to come to court, easier.

Meet Reagan, a new victim advocate for the prosecutor's office.

The nearly two-year-old Labrador Retriever will provide support to people who've been victimized and may have to speak to law enforcement or testify in court.

“Having Reagan here as a K-9 advocate is beneficial because coming to court or speaking with law enforcement can be hard,” said Prosecutor Doug Lloyd. “Anything that we can do to ease a victim’s experience in having to speak to officers, attorneys or in court is something I feel we should do. When you look at Reagan, you see an advocate who will help victims and especially children, who are reluctant to talk and unfamiliar with the court process get through the legal process.”

Reagan is the fifth advocacy dog to work in a Michigan Prosecutor's Office, as part of the Canine Advocacy Program, based out of Novi. Other offices include Shiawassee, Ionia, Oakland and Bay County.