A Potluck at Binder Park Zoo

Taveta Golden Weaver

A Potluck at Binder Park Zoo

By FOX 47 News . CREATED Jul 23, 2014

Battle Creek, MI July 23, 2014: The month of August is one for the birds! Looking for a unique, fun and educational activity the whole family will enjoy? Join Binder Park Zoo and Battle Creek Brigham Audubon on Wednesday, August 13th for a potluck dinner and tour of the Zoo’s African Aviaries. Festivities will begin at 6:00pm with a potluck dinner at the Pine Picnic Pavilion on Binder Park Zoo’s grounds. Guests of all ages are welcome to join in on the fun. Bring your entire family, a passing dish and your own table service. Drinks will be provided.

The tour of African Aviaries will include the Forest Aviary and the Walk-through Aviary. The Wilderness Tram will depart the USA and take visitors up to Africa at 7:15pm. Guests will be guided by Sarah Stewart, one of Binder Park Zoo’s very own zookeepers and Collections Supervisor. Sarah has been with the zoo for 7 years and has been working with our African animals and birds during most of that time.

“When most people think of Africa, they think about the large animals like Giraffe, Elephants, Rhinoceros and Ostrich,” states Stewart. “But they don’t really think about the smaller birds that call it home. All animals, big and small, play an important role in any ecosystem. Come see the small but unforgettable African birds that call our aviaries home.

Wondering what types of birds you might see on this one-of-a-kind tour? During the Walk-through Aviary tour, taveta golden weavers, mousebirds, pin-tailed whydahs and red bishops will all be flying around your heads as they go about building their intricate nests and foraging for food. In the Forest Aviary, guests will have a chance to see black storks, blue-bellied rollers, superb starlings, turacos, and hornbills. Finally, the tour will swing through the Forest Farm to take a look at some Fishcher’s lovebirds, and Guinea fowl. In addition, guests will have the chance of seeing ostrich, marabou storks and cinereous vultures on the Savannah Exhibit.