2014 Headliners For Lansing Home and Garden Show

2014 Headliners For Lansing Home and Garden Show

By Jane Sugiyama. CREATED Mar 11, 2014

Spring is just around the corner! Head to the Lansing Home and Garden Show for some inspiration. Featuring hundreds of exhibitors, incredible gardens, extensive landscaping projects, and four seminar stages where you can learn right from the experts--this is one event you don't want to miss. 

HGTV star Dan Faires and Master Chef Angus Campbell will be two of the headliners featured at this year's show. 

Overwhelmed by a room in your house? Unsure about where to start with design and decorations? Thinking about throwing away that junk-piece of a table sitting in your garage because you don't know what to do with it? Dan Faires of HGTV's DanMade is here to save the day.

At a very young age, he was hands-on both in the house and the garden as he worked with his parents to rennovate their home in Arkansas. This contractor and designer has a knack for taking trash and turning it into treasure. He stresses the importance of using what you have and refurbishing it. He seeks to educate people and show them that design should not be, and is not difficult. 

"My goal is to explain to people what design truly is and break it down on a basic level. I want to empower them and show them that a cool or quirky design is attainable. I will be demonstrating how to do smaller projects and hopefully some of the viewers will be willing to participate in my hands-on seminars." 

Faires says, "Don't buy it, 'DIY' it!" 

Check out times for Dan Faires' seminars here

Another one of this year's headliners is Master Chef Angus Campbell. With over 29 years of experience in the kitchen, Chef Campbell will be showcasing how to turn average hummus into a spectacular dish. 

Growing up on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, Chef Campbell spent a lot of time in the kitchen with his mother because cooking was a big part of their culture. He began an apprenticeship at a very young age and his career took off from there. Currently, he teaches at the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education at Grand Rapids Community College. 

What will Chef Campbell be bringing to the Lansing Home and Garden Show table? 

"We will be making a variety of hummus flavors. Hummus has become a major food and appetizer. I will be showcasing to guests  not only how to make hummus, but how to extend it for use in other dishes. I want to show people that there are other ways to enjoy hummus than with just the traditional pita and chips. You can use leftover hummus as a stuffing to chicken, as a pasta sauce or dressing." 

Check out times for Chef Campbell's seminars here

The 2014 Lansing Home and Garden Show runs from Thursday, March 13 through Sunday, March 16. Times are as follows: Thursday 3PM-9PM, Friday 12PM-9PM, Saturday 10AM-9PM, and Sunday 10AM-5PM.

Admission is $9.00 for adults, $4.00 for children 6-14, and free for children under the age of five.

Tickets are available for purchase online at www.LansingHomeShow.com.
To get 24-Hour Info, call 1-800-328-6550 or visit www.LansingHomeShow.com.