Potterville Man Arrested for Embezzlement

Potterville Man Arrested for Embezzlement

By Fox47 News. CREATED Mar 6, 2013

Wayne Michael Balcom was the guy handling payroll and benefits at his former employer, Holt Family Practice, according to investigators.  Neighbors say Balcom was taken away in handcuffs Monday morning from his Potterville family home. Those who knew him are still in disbelief.

The investigation started August last year, after owners of Holt Family Practice came forward, Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wrigglesworth says the primary suspect is responsible for the missing 130-thousand dollars or more. Wriggelsworth said: "As I understand it he had access to the check book, he had access to cash, anything that would involve incoming revenue to the business."

The Balcom family tells us investigators interviewed Wayne about a month ago and says they're shocked to see him arrested on Monday. But investigators believe they have the right man.

The sheriff says the investigation wasn't easy. It involved digging through records from the past three years. And they've now forwarded the case to the prosecutor.

Balcom left his job at Holt Family Practice last February, and is in jail on a 50-thousand dollar bond, he faces 20-years-in prison if convicted.