Niowave Tax Break Plan Moving Through Council

Niowave Tax Break Plan Moving Through Council

By Fox 47 News. CREATED Feb 24, 2013

A tax break for Lansing-based particle accelerator manufacturer Niowave is back on the table. It's been on hold for months, as the company and neighbors feuded over the design of the company's new building.

Neighbors argue it's unsightly and doesn't fit with the local architecture.

Monday, the city council is expected to set a public hearing on the tax break. The deal would cover 100 percent of Niowave's equipment purchases for six years. It could add up to more than $500,000 in waived taxes.

In return, Niowave plans to create 25 new jobs in the next three years.

The public hearing will likely come in mid-March. The tax break could be finalized by the end of the month.