Dr. Lori of Discovery's "Auction Kings" to Appear at Lansing Home and Garden Show

Dr. Lori of Discovery's "Auction Kings" to Appear at Lansing Home and Garden Show

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Mar 13, 2013

Visitors to The Lansing Home and Garden Show have always found great values for their homes, but this year, they will have a chance to find out if something from their home is of great value!

The show is pleased to welcome celebrity antiques appraiser Dr. Lori from the Discovery Channel's hit show, "Auction Kings." She will be offering free appraisals (to the first 25) at each of her presentations all weekend, and she will explain the history of pieces that the audience brings in.

Dr. Lori says she participates in over 100 events every year and, combined with her in-home appraisal visits, she reviews approximately 20,000 items a year. "I've seen it all," she says. "From soup to nuts, I always say. And what America needs to learn is: You've got the stuff! It's in your house!"

Or sometimes on the house -- a man in Louisville, Kentucky, brought Dr. Lori a copper weathervane from his grandmother's farm house, which was in foreclosure. "When I told him it dated from around 1850 and was worth $15,000, he got tears in his eyes because it was going to help save the house," she remembers.

In late-January at a show in Novi, people brought her such treasures as a Civil War drum valued at $6,000, and a Burgoyne quilt appraised at $20,000.

Dr. Lori emphasizes that her evaluations are different from many "normal" appraisers. "I don't buy or sell antiques," she says. "So when you bring me an object, I'll give you the truth. I've got no other interest than the truth."

"We're really excited about Dr. Lori coming to Lansing," says Show Manager Carolyn Alt. "She's fantastic at what she does and she has a great sense of humor. People are really going to enjoy meeting her and hearing what she has to say about the items they bring in to the show."

Free appraisals are limited, so plan to arrive early for each of Dr. Lori's shows. A complete schedule of her seminars is online at www.LansingHomeShow.com.

Discount weekday admission coupons are available at participating Wendy's and Quality Dairy locations. Tickets are available for purchase online at www.LansingHomeShow.com.