Become a Volunteer in Junior Achievement's Reverse Job Shadow Program

Become a Volunteer in Junior Achievement's Reverse Job Shadow Program

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Oct 16, 2012


Area schools continue to struggle with increasing curriculum demands and an ever tightening budget. They place value on finding innovative ways to educate students regarding the connection between their education and the workforce. Due to budget cuts in busing and the use of substitute teachers, many have turned to the JA Reverse Job Shadow.

What is a JA Reverse Job Shadow?

JA partners with area middle schools and high schools to bring an exceptional learning opportunity to their students! Traditional job shadows bring students to the workplace. The JA Reverse Job Shadow brings the workplace to the students. This is accomplished by placing volunteers from the business world in every classroom in one school on one entire school day. The JA Reverse Job Shadow format follows the students’ daily class schedule, in which they hear from different speakers in every class.

This enables students to see the relevance of every classes’ learning content and how it applies to the world of work. For example, in English they may hear from a marketing professional, in math, an engineer may facilitate the session and a foreign language class may have a professional whose work is focused on the global marketplace.

Learning Objective

Students will become more work ready by learning about the career opportunities available to them in the local area. Students will learn about the education and training needed to qualify for vocations within the various career fields. Students will learn how the educational concepts they are learning each day can be practically applied to the world of work.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? You can contact Samantha Sevrey, Administrative Assistant at Junior Achievement of Mid-Michigan:

Phone: (517) 371-5437