Fenner Nature Center Seeks Volunteers to Restore Butterfly Garden

Image by Fenner Nature Center

Fenner Nature Center Seeks Volunteers to Restore Butterfly Garden

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Sep 18, 2012

Lansing, MI- Volunteer outdoors and help Fenner restore a beautiful butterfly garden by planting a variety of native plants to attract colorful butterflies, moths, hummingbirds, bees and other beneficial insects.

This garden was initially planted in 1996 but has since become overgrown. The restoration process began at Fenner’s Earth Day Extravaganza this April with help from the Master Gardeners Capital Area Chapter, Michigan Botanical Foundation, as well as volunteers from the community, including PNC Bank. Even though we have made great progress throughout the summer, there is still more work to do before the temperatures dip.

On September 29th, from noon to 4pm, we will be planting more native species of wildflowers and mulching the beds to prepare for winter. Volunteers of all ages are welcome to come and help, whether they have a green thumb or just like to get their hands dirty for a great cause.

 Overall plans for the garden include:

  • Making it more accessible to everyone by increasing the overall size, widening paths, and using recycled rubber for the path material.
  • Planting a larger variety of plants so that as many species of animals as possible can benefit
  • Using only plants that are native to Michigan, and going so far as to use those that have the specific genotype that is from this region.
  • Creating interpretive signage so that visitors can learn about the important ecological role that native plants have in our ecosystem.
  • Selecting plants that feed adult butterflies, moths, hummingbirds, bees and other insects with their nectar, as well as plants that act as hosts for those insect's larvae so that the animal is has food and shelter all throughout its life cycle.


This spring we already saw larvae on the new plants and butterflies everywhere so we know that there has already been a positive impact to the species that call Fenner home. We’d really love your help so come get your hands dirty and plant some flowers!

For more information, visit Fenner Nature Center on the web at www.mynaturecenter.org. or call us at 517.483.4224.

Fenner Nature Center is located at 2020 E. Mt. Hope Ave., just East of Aurelius Rd. in Lansing.

SOURCE: Press Release