More Money for Waverly Sports

More Money for Waverly Sports

By Fox 47 News. CREATED Sep 16, 2012

The Waverly High School swim team was training hard on a Friday afternoon. The team may have gone out the door if parents didn't carry the weight.

"We immediately started fund raising ...a couple of teams started doing cleanups at Spartan Stadium, which is a great fundraiser but it's really kind of disgusting," said Alan Wright, a Waverly parent.

In 2011, the Waverly School District cut funding to what some call club sports, like swimming, tennis, cross country, golf and soccer. With support from the community, some generosity from the coaches and lots of hours from parents, the sports stayed.

"We worked the hardest to make sure that the kids didn't notice any difference," Wright said.

However, Wright says he was ecstatic when he heard the money is coming back.

On Monday, the school board voted to put money back into those sports. According to the superintendent, the district was able to get more money when the state legislature passed the Public School Employee Retirement System Reform (Senate Bill 1040).

"When that was passed, it kicked back some additional retirement dollars to the local districts which gave us a surplus of about $600,000," said Superintendent Terry Urquhart.

About $53,000 will go back into the sports teams. Urquhard said that will help give students a balanced education.

"Now the school has picked up that responsibility and kids can concentrate on competition, getting better at their particular sport and parents can concentrate on being good fans and good spectators," Urquhart said.