New Requirements for High School Parking

New Requirements for High School Parking

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Sep 13, 2012

Students have been back at Fowlerville High School about a week and already, parents are thanking Principal Brad Lusk for having them sign up for the free "STOPPED" program.

"They found out that their son or daughter had a traffic violation, that they otherwise would not have known," said Lusk.

If your child has this sticker in their windshield, you will get a letter in the mail if they are pulled over by police, even if no ticket is given.

"All the schools are involved in the process. It's good for the parents, kids, and the schools; so it's a win-win situation for everybody," said Livingston County Sheriff Bob Bezotte.

Livingston County is the first in the state to have all its high schools combine their "STOPPED" program sticker with the annual student parking pass at no extra cost to the schools or students. Ingham County could be next.

"I applaud Livingston County for their initiative making this a parking lot permit," said Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth. He has been contacting high schools in the county, trying to get them on board by the next school year.

So far, four high schools in Ingham are considering making this change; including Stockbridge, Dansville, Williamston, and Holt.

Wriggelsworth will be meeting with Livingston's Sheriff to see if the success he is already seeing in his school districts, grows.

Anyone 16-21 years old can be signed up for the program. To get the free sticker, all you have to do is call your Sheriff's office.