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Graffiti at the Capitol

Graffiti at the Capitol

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Sep 6, 2012

LANSING - You might not call stick figures art, but supporting the arts seems to be the message sent by vandals who defaced the Capitol in Lansing overnight.

A maintenance worker is cleaning off blue spray paint from the Michigan war memorial on the Capitol grounds as well as two columns by the East steps. The phrase "Give Art a Chance" is painted on the war monument, while a large stick figure of a man is painted on one column and a woman on the other.

Michigan State Police stationed at the Capitol discovered the graffiti at about 4 o'clock Thursday morning. They say no one has claimed responsibility, and no one has come to them saying they saw it happen. Surveillance cameras also did not see anything.

Maintenance workers are trying to use a solvent to clean off the paint, hoping to avoid having to sandblast, which has the risk of damaging the surface.