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Jordyn Wieber a "Top Athlete to Follow on Twitter"

Jordyn Wieber a "Top Athlete to Follow on Twitter"

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Aug 1, 2012

As part of their Summer Olympics 2012 coverage, People Magazine has created a list of the Top Athletes to Follow on Twitter. On the top of their list?

DeWitt's Jordyn Wieber, who just helped her team win Gold, the second time in Olympic history and the first time since 1996 with the Magnificent Seven in Atlanta.

As People says, "It's a safe bet she's the only athlete who'll post a pic of her attempt to teach Ryan Seacrest how to do a split."

With the popularity of Twitter growing to new heights each year, it has had a significant presence during the 2012 Olympics. Whether it's viewers griping about the tape delay or cheering on their favorite athletes, Twitter is the sounding board.

It also gives followers access to the athletes in a way that hasn't been available before.

Aside from Jordyn Wieber, People also notes other athletes to follow: Michael Phelps, Hope Solo, Usain Bolt, Ryan Lochte, and more.