Jackson Woman Speaks About Keeping Dead Body for 19 Months

Jackson Woman Speaks About Keeping Dead Body for 19 Months

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Jul 11, 2012

"He just went to sleep."

That's how Linda Chase is describing the death of her friend and roommate, Charles William Zigler. Police were asked to check in on him by his family members, saying they hadn't heard from him in a while.

The autopsy shows Zigler, who was 67 at the time, died around Christmas of 2010 at their home on Cooper Street. That's when Jackson Police say Chase left him in the living room recliner, covered in blankets.

"We were friends; good friends," continued Chase. "We fished together, we worked together ... I didn't have to go to work with him, but I did to help."

She wouldn't say why she never let anyone know he died, or even try to move the body out of the living room, but she did give a different answer to police.

"We did speak with her and asked her why the police, firemen, or anyone was not contacted," said Jackson Police Lieutenant Chris Simpson. That's when Chase admitted to using his death to commit fraud.

"We won't go into detail about exactly what the fraud was, but it is being investigated by our detectives."

That investigation could take a while, since police have a time span of 19 months from when Zigler died, to when he was discovered.

"The pathologists are very comfortable with saying that he died of natural causes at this time, and there was no blunt trauma to the body," continued Simpson.

So for now, Chase will continue to live in the house she's lived in for three years, wondering every day if she will be arrested; all the while she says she'll miss Zigler, whose body she lived with for the last year and a half.