Wieber Fever Amps Up for Her Return Home as Olympian


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Wieber Fever Amps Up for Her Return Home as Olympian

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Jul 3, 2012

Already, the shops of downtown DeWitt have their signs updated and ready for Jordyn Wieber's return.

"It's just neat with the connection of her being from our town," said DeWitt Barber Shop's Bill Sermak.

Now, everyone is working hard so they can open up time to throw her a big party, hopefully sometime this week: "I'd like to see even more than the signs...I just love when small towns just paint it up."

Jordyn won't just be coming home to all this excitement, but to plenty of younger fans, now looking to her as a new role model.

"I wanna be like her because she lives in the same town as me," said 7-year-old Abi Fulmerhoucr of DeWitt.

She's one of many of DeWitt's new aspiring Olympians, on top of dozens more Jordyn's inspired at the Twistars gym in Dimondale where she's trained all her life.

"She deserves everything that she's worked for and she's such a hard worker. All of us look up to her," said Twistars Gymnast Tiana Seville.

Jordyn is the biggest star to ever come out of the gym, adding a boost of encouragement to all the kids who walk through the doors.

"She works so hard and she's so focused on her goals, and it's just great to see the start of her dreams come true," says Erin Leece of Twistars.

Teaching hundreds of their students, that if Jordyn can do it, they can too.