Mitt Romney Set to Speak at Lansing Community College


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Mitt Romney Set to Speak at Lansing Community College

By FOX 47 News. CREATED May 8, 2012

Winning the Republican primary in Michigan was just the first step. Presumed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney will take the next one at Lansing Community College on Tuesday.

"We're excited to have Gov. Mitt Romney here to talk about his economic view for America and how he can turn around our country," said Matt Frendewey from the Michigan Republican Party.

Frendewey says they feel positive about Romney's prospects in Michigan, but according to pollster Bernie Porn, President Obama is still leading.

"Our last polls showed a four point lead, 47 to 43, Obama over Romney," Porn said.

However, the gap is getting closer and experts say voters will be listening and focusing on who they think can turn the economy around and create jobs.

To win the White House, analysts say Romney could play on the idea that the economy is still in trouble and argue that the situation has not improved fast enough under the Obama administration. At the same time, polls indicate that 58% of Michigan thinks the economy has bottomed out and that group is more likely to vote for the president. Yet, there's always the other side.

"If the economy starts dropping and the unemployment rate goes up...I think historically if the unemployment rate has been above 8% around election time, the incumbent is in trouble and right now it just dropped down to 8.1%," said pollster Bernie Porn.

In short, the race in Michigan and even the nation could be a close one. The Michigan Republican Party says they will campaign hard, including setting up more phone banks to reach voters.