Experts: Snyder Good Choice for Vice President

Experts: Snyder Good Choice for Vice President

By FOX 47 News. CREATED May 4, 2012

LANSING -- Governor Rick Snyder could be running for Vice President this fall, if some political experts are to be believed.

Rumors first surfaced during the Republican primary election. Now, experts say Synder's chances of becoming Mitt Romney's running mate are looking pretty good.

The new round of speculation started after a newspaper in Tampa, Fla. published an article about hotel assignments for state delegations at the Republican National Convention there this summer.

Snyder was reportedly given one of the best hotel assignments, second only to Massachusetts, where Romney served as Governor.

The location of the hotel puts Synder close to the convention site, and Romney's own hotel. The Florida Republican political consultant who wrote the Tampa Bay Online op-ed piece says that's no coincidence.

A political strategist in Michigan says Snyder would make a logical choice for running mate.

"Snyder has had a really good track record in the short time he has been in office," Lynn Aronoff said. "He's eliminated a $1.5 billion deficit. He got rid of the Michigan business tax. And quite frankly, he won the state with 58 percent of the vote and he has crossover appeal. What could be bad?"