Elderly Michigan Man Loses Money During TSA Search


Video by fox47news.com

Elderly Michigan Man Loses Money During TSA Search

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Apr 20, 2012

An elderly Michigan man says a unsettling encounter with TSA resulted in hundreds of dollars of his cash being stolen.

95-year-old Omer Petti had a knee and hip replacement, so he says he expected to set off an alarm when going through security at a San Diego airport. But Petti and his companion say they were hassled by TSA agents, and that resulted in 300 dollars of his cash being stolen from a bin.

"I'm ninety-five years old. She's eighty-five years old. What the heck is going on here - do I look like a terrorist?" Petti said. "He did a liptis check on my outer clothing and put it through gadgets that he had there, and found that there were nitrates found. I didn't know where the nitrates came from other than I have these nitrogen pills, which I carry in my pocket."

Petti adds: "Once we put the things in the boxes, the responsibility became theirs."

Petti says authorities told him that the surveillance video was too blurry to see what happened to his money. He's since filed a complaint with TSA officials.