MSU Fixing Unsafe Areas of Campus


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MSU Fixing Unsafe Areas of Campus

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Apr 20, 2012

The area of Michigan State University near the intersection of Farm Lane and Shaw is considered the most dangerous area of campus, according to a study they conducted.

More classrooms are in this section than anywhere else, and it's where Junior Matt Brown hates to walk to his engineering class: "It's hard to do. Most of my classes are in this area so I just have to deal with it."

Campus Planner Steve Troost studies and fixes these issues for a living. In this case, he believes most of the problem would be solved simply with less cars.

It's an idea based on MSU's Campus Master Plan, which tries to make campus most accommodating to walkers, then bikers second, buses third, then cars last. One way to do this would be to move the University's most central parking lot.

"If you can get parking on the edges where cars can get in and out of efficiently, keep the walk distances reasonable to get to your destination, and you balance some of those systems," said Troost.

The parking lot could instead be used as a sort of park, or gathering area for pedestrians. More parking areas would be built on the edges of campus and perhaps one more garage near the center.

Although Troost says this change needs to happen now, the idea still needs to be approved. On top of that, a lack of funding could push it back for years.

While the University works on moving this plan forward, they are working to keep as many cars out of the center of campus in other ways. The "Zip-Car" rental program has six cars on campus, and MSU is in talks with CATA to find ways to attract more riders.