Capital City Film Festival Kicks Off in Lansing

Capital City Film Festival Kicks Off in Lansing

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Apr 12, 2012

The Capital City Film Festival kicks off four days of films, concerts, and speakers in Lansing today. Organizers say the festival will be even better this year than last. They say the quality of the films they're showing is better, and with more diverse programming, they promise there will be something for everyone.

For Dan Hartley, the Capital City Film Festival is part love of film, part show-and-tell.

"I'm always like, 'Hey, check this out this music, this movie,'" said Hartley. "So this is my chance to do it on a grand scale, to be like, 'Hey, all of Lansing come see this thing I think is cool."

As the director of programming, Hartley watched more than 100 hours of film to help narrow down 230 submissions to the 50 films that will be shown at the festival.

"We have a lot of great documentaries, a lot of great narrative features," Hartley said. "So when we're programming, we look at the overall picture and try to create a really well-rounded, diverse line-up."

And the line-up includes more than just movies.

"This is not only a film festival," said Payal Ravani, the festival's coordinator. "This is a festival. It has music aspects to it - film, tech, entertainment, design."

The organizers hope the festival's variety gets more people interested in attending.

"We don't want to make money, we just want people to come," said Ravani. "That's why we've made it so accessible to everyone."

Bottom line, they say - the festival offers people the chance to see some pretty unique films.

"These are mainly festival films," Hartley said. "They're never going to come to Celebration. So this is a really awesome opportunity to see stuff that wouldn't otherwise be anywhere near Lansing."

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