Lansing Casino Project Approved by City Council

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Lansing Casino Project Approved by City Council

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Mar 20, 2012

Dozens crowded the Lansing City Council meeting on Monday to see the fate of the city's proposed casino.

Council members voted to move forward with the project, but it doesn't mean the casino is good to go yet, since the results of a tribal referendum are still unknown.

"If the tribe says no, then there will be a reason they say no and then they'll ask their elders to renegotiate the deal," said Lansing City Council Vice President Kathie Dunbar.

Renegotiating a new casino deal means the city council could be back at the voting table again. However, Council President Brian Jeffries says it's important to have their end of the decision set in stone, because they're working under a tight deadline.

"The agreement itself has a drop dead date in it of around August 1," Jeffries said.

That means if tribal members vote to move forward with the proposal, the city is bound by the agreement to complete the land sale transaction by August 1. That leaves them limited time, considering the complicated process.

"There's a lot that needs to go into the process like environmentals and site review and assessing the financials and all these things that go into when you purchase a piece of property to build. There's a lot that needs to be finalized," Dunbar said.

The approval from city council authorizes the sale of city land, allows the developer to build a parking ramp, and provides the developer an opportunity for tax credit if the parking ramp project is successful.