Police: Fourth Shooting in Five Weeks at Lansing Bar


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Police: Fourth Shooting in Five Weeks at Lansing Bar

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Mar 5, 2012

The bullet hole in the front door of Auggie's Pub and Grill is something employees and customers have passed by every day for over a little more than a month.

It's a constant reminder of an incident in January when a man fired shots into the building after police say he assaulted a woman inside.

Employee Gaylord tells us it is still the only shooting they've has any time recently, disregarding what happened around 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning: "They were out here some place shooting. I don't know where it was."

He says the shooting didn't take place on the property; Lansing police tell us otherwise. They say the most recent shooting took place just outside their doors, a dispute between at least two resulting in more than 20 shots fired--about ten caught by a Ford Escape.

Police also say there have been two other times they have been called to the bar to address people shooting off their guns since the first reported shooting on January 31.

We turned to the neighboring houses for their take. We knocked on door after door. All neighbors told us they hear shots commonly, and are kept up at night by shouting and partying. None of the people were willing to go on camera, even if we hid their identity, because they were scared for their safety.

When we called the owner of Auggie's, he also refused to go on camera. He gave us a similar statement to Gaylord's: "Where are they (police) getting their information that there have been four shootings? There haven’t been four shootings here."

But whatever did happen last night in particular, it was enough for the owner to close down the bar earlier than usual.

According to Lansing's Nuisance Ordinance, the city could make a case to shut the bar down for even two shootings. We called every Lansing council member today, and have yet to hear a response.