Ann Romney Campaigns in Jackson


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Ann Romney Campaigns in Jackson

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Feb 21, 2012

"If Mitt wins, America wins. If Mitt loses, America loses," said Ann Romney, wife of presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

It's that simple, according to Mrs. Romney, who four years ago swore off presidential campaigns.

"I was emphatic. I would never do this again," she laughed.

When the time came to reconsider, her husband had to answer to her.

"If you can finally get the job, can you fix it? Because I'm not going to go through all this if we finally get there, and it's too late to turn the country around. He said yes. So I'm like, 'alright, I know this isn't going to be fun, but let's go.'"

Over the years, the mother of five has come to know life on the campaign trail.

"I haven't been home since January 3rd," she said.

There's no time to go home when your husband is behind in the polls in his home state.

"This is the way it's been all along. Ups and downs, ups and downs. You don't get too discouraged by it all, but this is why I'm out here fighting so hard. The other thing I've learned to do is not read the newspapers. I just have to stay positive and cheerful," she said.

Her husband has been criticized for his response to the auto industry bailout, but Mrs. Romney insists Michigan is a priority.

"For us, it's personal, Michigan is personal. And if we can get a president sitting in that office, guess which state he's going to care about and which jobs he's really going to be concerned about. It's going to be Michigan," she said.

She says Mitt Romney is the only candidate who can beat Barack Obama come November. Next Tuesday, we'll see if Michigan voters agree.