Meth Lab Explosion in Clinton County

Meth Lab Explosion in Clinton County

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Feb 7, 2012 - UPDATED: Feb 8, 2012

WATERTOWN TWP, CLINTON CO. - An explosion rocks a trailer in southwest Clinton County. The sheriff says the trailer was a meth lab that blew up. Deputies arrest two men and are looking for a third who may have severe burns.

The explosion happened shortly before 8 o'clock Monday night at a trailer in the Country Village Mobile Home Park located in the 7700 block of West Grand River Avenue in Watertown Township. The explosion and fire were limited to inside the trailer.

Sheriff Wayne Kangas says witnesses told investigators three men ran from the trailer, one had burns to the arms. Two of the three men have been arrested, a 55 year old and a 20 year old, both from Grand Ledge. Investigators says they believe the third man is an 18 year old from Mulliken.

The sheriff says two trailers were involved in the meth making operation. One trailer is where the ingredients were mixed. The other trailer was used for cooking meth, and that's the one that had the explosion.

The Mid-Michigan District Health Department has been contacted to assess any health concerns to neighbors near the exploded meth lab.

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Two men are under arrest and another is on the loose after a meth lab explosion in Clinton County.

The explosion happened Monday night at the Country Village Mobile Home Park in Clinton County.

"All of a sudden I just feel the trailer shake a little bit and then I heard this really big boom," Courtney Hansen said.

"A bunch of smoke was rolling out the front (of the house)," Jeremy McCarthy said. "I thought it was my house."

James Eimer and Michael Clayton Kelley, both from Grand Ledge, were arrested at the scene, but police are still looking for the third man behind the explosion.

"When our people arrived one of the individuals was getting rid of some of the product by dumping it outside the trailer," Clinton County Sheriff Wayne Kangas said.

Sheriff Kangas says the men were making the meth in one trailer and then took the product to another trailer to cook it. It was inside the second trailer where the explosion occurred.

"Usually in this method it's the reaction between lithium and liquid," Detective Fritz Sandberg said.

"I think it would be like a concussion grenade," Sheriff Kangas said of the explosion.

The explosion rattled neighbors and now has police urging everyone to be on the look-out for meth labs.

"Odor is a big one," Detective Sandberg said. "If you're smelling some strange odor coming from a neighbor's residence it doesn't hurt to make a phone call."

Other neighbors in the area say the explosion was scary, but not too shocking for the area.

"I'm surprised it's my neighbor, but I'm not surprised it happened in this park," McCarthy said.

Police say the third man still on the loose has burns on both of his arms and will need medical treatment.