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Double Murder Suspect in Court, Witnesses Testify

Double Murder Suspect in Court, Witnesses Testify

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Feb 1, 2012

"I could see an arm hanging out, see hair floating there," said Eugene Post, Terri's father.

Eugene Post describes finding his daughter Terri Greene, dead in her backyard pond. Post also found Terri's husband, Michael Greene, in his living room.

"I bent over and touched him," said Post. "I didn't want to get too close because there was a big pool of blood around him."

The Greenes were shot dead September 22, 2011. The man charged with their murders: convicted felon Christopher Perrien. Defense Attorney Phil Weisey focused on the Greenes' "open-door policy."

"Michael was always letting people in and out of the home?" Weisey asked.

"Correct," answered Post.

Terri's friend and co-worker Marcia Poxson also testified. The day before the Greenes were murdered, Poxson heard Michael and an old friend called "Dan Dan" recreationally shooting Michael's guns in the backyard. She was surprised to see him there.

"They had a disagreement with him at least a year prior to that incident, and they hadn't seen Dan since then," Poxson said.

Also taking the stand: the resident manager of a storage rental facility Perrien visited the day of the murders.

The manager testified Perrien was in his storage unit for about 40 minutes. That's where police found the murder weapon.

Perrien has a lengthy non-violent criminal history.

He was on court-ordered work release at the time of the Greene's murders, but an investigation found out he didn't actually have a job.

Perrien is due back in court February 14.