Introducing Potential Lansing Schools Interim Superintendents

Introducing Potential Lansing Schools Interim Superintendents

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Jan 27, 2012

At Thursday night's Lansing School Board meeting, three interim superintendent candidates were interviewed by board members.

First candidate Marsha Wells has 14 years of experience as superintendent of three different districts in Michigan.

"I've spent over 17 years here on and off and I'm very familiar with the Lansing School District and want very much for Lansing to succeed," Wells said.

Next candidate John Artis is also not shy on experience. He served six years as a superintendent of Dearborn Public Schools and taught for many more at high schools and universities around the country. He says he hopes to bring his experience to Lansing.

"To offer good advice and good direction from my own experience but also from my analytic skills of being able to look at a situation and make some sense out of it," Artis said.

The final candidate Yvonne Caamal Canul works at MSU and was a former Lansing School District employee.

"I know the principals in Lansing and the teachers in Lansing so I feel like because I do know Lansing well and I live in the area and perhaps I can be of support and assistance as the district moves forward," Caamal Canul said.

Candidates have different ideas on what they can bring to the district., but all agree on what their top priority is should they be selected.

"Top priority is addressing the critical financial issues," Wells said.

"We would work immediately on budget issues," Caamal Canul said.

"How do we build that budget so the budget is going to be effective come the fall," Artis said.

Candidates say they're prepared to take over, but the board has not decided yet on when they will fill the interim position.