Michigan Senate Dems Propose College Grant Plan

Michigan Senate Dems Propose College Grant Plan

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Jan 13, 2012

MSU junior Josie Bradley is one of many students who are neck high in loans. She says by the time she graduates, she'll have at least $60,000 in debt.

"My education is very important to me and I'm going to have to stomach the cost and work to pay that off and live as cheaply as I can," said Bradley.

Michigan Senate Democrats are proposing to have the state pay for tuition and associated costs of education. Under their plan, a high school graduate who attends kindergarten through high school in Michigan could receive around $9500 per year toward their higher education at a state community college or university.

"If you ask any economist or business leader across the nation, they'll tell you that the single best investment the state can make in its economic future lies in its education system," said Robert McCann, spokesperson for Michigan Senate Democrats.

Some republican lawmakers say they're willing to consider any proposal that helps to lower the cost of education, but worries about how realistic the plan is for the state's budget.

"I think their proposal is a little bit of an election year proposal and it is not something that's probably practical," said Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge.

According to Senate Democrats, their program will be funded entirely by eliminating tax credits for some businesses.

How feasible the plan is or if it'll become reality may still be too early to tell, but students like Bradley are already looking forward to it.