Former Owner Reaching Out to Worried Brides

Former Owner Reaching Out to Worried Brides

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Jan 11, 2012

Some Lansing brides may be breathing a sigh of relief Tuesday. While the doors are still closed at Lett's Bridal, the store's former owner is reaching out to its worried clients.

"My heart bleeds, that's the only thing I can say," Bill Lett said.

For 60 years, Lett stood at the helm of Lett's Bridal. "The store was my love, my love," he explained.

Lett says he built the shop on values of trust and service, but since his nephew took over, brides say both have been lacking.

"When I saw that on TV I couldn't believe my eyes because I had no inkling the store was in that bad of shape," Lett said.

Last Friday, bride-to-be Carly Bricker told us dresses she had already paid for never arrived and with the store closed, she feared they never would.

"I've been calling frantically, yeah, to get a hold of someone," Bricker said. "They never answer their phone."

Local brides aren't the only ones having trouble getting in touch with the store. The Better Business Bureau gave Lett's its lowest rating, an F, after the store failed to respond to three complaints filed against it in 2011.

Lett says his nephew, Rick Roy, over-extended himself building a new store, got behind on rent and couldn't recover.

Lett believes Roy was afraid to tell him how bad things were, but says Roy has assured him every order will be filled.

"He said, 'Uncle Bill, I promise you they will all get taken care of'," Lett added.

As for Bricker, Lett called her himself to inform her her bridesmaid dresses will arrive Thursday at the latest.

He may not own it, but as long as the store bears his name, Lett says it's personal.

"It's like a family," he explained. "That's the way I treated my customers and for it to come down to this is crushing."

We tried to contact Roy, but our calls and emails were not returned.