Lansing City Council Elects New President

Lansing City Council Elects New President

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Jan 10, 2012

At the time of our FOX 47 News at 10 broadcast, the Lansing City Council was still in a voting gridlock.



Late Monday night, the Lansing City Council finally came to an agreement and elected the president and vice president for 2012. Councilmember Brian Jeffries was elected council president and Councilmember Kathie Dunbar will continue to serve as the vice president.

This decision comes after a split vote with half of the city council supporting Dunbar for president and the other half supporting Jeffries. At Monday night's meeting, Councilmember A'Lynne Robinson and Councilmember Derrick Quinney also received nominations for president, both receiving supporting votes from only half of the city council.

Dunbar says at the end of the night, she nominated Jeffries for president to break the 4-4 split and with a promise that she will receive support to run for president in 2013. She says the true dysfunction of the city council is that it has an even number of members, causing problems in cases that require a vote to break a tie.

According to newly-elected Council President Jeffries, he will work to change the culture within the city council and says he will work in collaboration with Council Vice-President Dunbar on committee assignments.