Capital Area Humane Society Celebrates 75 Years

Capital Area Humane Society Celebrates 75 Years

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Jan 6, 2012

The Capital Area Humane Society is celebrating 75 years of service to the community. Every year, the Capital Area Humane Society helps about 5,000 animals find new homes.

The shelter has changed in many ways over the past 75 years, but the mission has remained the same -- to serve the growing number of animals in this area that need homes.

From its start in the basement of someone's home, to the shelter it runs today, the Capital Area Humane Society has worked out of a few interesting locations.

"We were actually at the Potter Park Zoo for a time, and that's something a lot of people don't know that about our history," said Julia Palmer, the president/CEO of the Capital Area Humane Society.

The organization built its current home in 1991.

"This location has enabled us to do a lot more than we could in terms of not just holding animals in a cage, but making their stay here more pleasant before they get homes," Palmer said.

Through play groups and enrichment exercises, the shelter keeps their animals social and active. The goal is to make sure they find good homes.

"The process of bringing an animal who may not have had a good life, or who may need medical care, and then to see them rehabilitated and sent home, it makes it all worthwhile for me and for everyone who works here," Palmer explained.

January and February are typically slow months for adoptions, and the shelter says more people are giving up their pets because of tough economic times. That means the shelter is full every day and is looking for a new way to expand.

"This building is actually no longer meeting our needs and we hope in the near future to build another shelter or expand because we still can't meet the demand of a number of animals that need to come to our shelter everyday," said Palmer.

There are about 200,000 animals in Michigan shelters each year, and only about half of them find homes.

For more information about adopting from the Capital Area Humane Society, call 517-626-6060.