Video of French's Confession Shown in Court

Video of French's Confession Shown in Court

By FOX 47 News. CREATED Dec 16, 2011

"I'm probably going straight to jail from here," echoed Benjamin French's voice from the video screen.

During an hour and a half video played for the jury, French, accused in the murders of Owen Goodenow and Darren Brown, Jr., describes the events leading up to and after the murders of March 25th.

In the video, French admits to being a part of the plan, but points out David Marion, Jr. as the one who pulled the trigger.

"Did David pull the trigger with the 9mm that came from his dad's house?" asked the detective interviewing French. "Yeah," French replied.

French added that he stayed in the car while Marion, Jr. was the one who walked in and killed Goodenow. French goes on to say that when Marion, Jr. returned to the car he was carrying the safe and that's where he ran into Darren Brown, Jr.

"They shut the door and a couple seconds later I heard another shot," French said in the tape.

The video interview was done in September and through detectives from State Police, the prosecution took time to explain how French was arrested.

"Mr. Marion agreed to make some confrontational phone calls to Ben French," Detective Sgt. Frank Mraz, said.

The phone call Marion, Jr. placed to French was one day before French confessed his part in the plan. French also goes on to say that he was the one who took Marion, Jr. to Chicago just days after the murders.