Pure Michigan 400 Helps Businesses

Some businesses say they can make as much as 50 percent of their profits during the Pure Michigan 400 weekend at Michigan International Speedway.
  • Race day at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn brought blue skies, fast cars and help for the state economy.

  • "Not only does it bring a lot of good, quality money and people for the economy, but it's cool to be able to see the drivers and people having fun enjoying something they like in their home," said Danielle Cook, who was out with her family to watch the race.

  • Fans came from across the country and even other countries to watch the 200-lap, 400-mile race.

  • "It gives me chills to be here," said Troy Hayden. "Goosebumps," added Brad Banbrick.

  • Some fans had the chance to touch their favorite race cars and snap photos of their favorite drivers as they took to the track.

  • Businesses enjoyed the weekend too. Alex Kuteron, owner of Kooter's Creekside Campground, said that even though this year has been slower than years past, race weekend is a big draw.

  • "It should be half of our business for the summer," he said. "We pretty much wouldn't have anything to do on weekends like this [if not for the race]."

  • Kuteron has extra help this year to deal with crowds that come to camp days in advance and come to park as early as 6 a.m. on race day.

  • "The race is definitely needed to keep the economy going," said Charles Johnston, who drove from Ohio to help. 

  • His wife Debbie agreed: "If it wasn't for the race we probably wouldn't have what we have here now."

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