Police Investigate Two Brutal Dog Abuse Cases

There have been two brutal dog abuse cases in a week in Lansing, and police need the public's help finding the people responsible. The most recent case happened just after 10:00 a.m. Thursday morning near Hawk Island Park. Ingham County Animal Control said they found a pit bull covered in blood after someone in the area called the police. Animal Control arrived in minutes, but the dog died soon after they got there.

  • Officials are also busy investigating the gruesome and very public killing of another pit bull and hoping a reward will get more witnesses to come forward. "Whatever it takes, that's why I'm out here right now," Deputy Kyle Hanney said. "I'm going to be posting the flyers all day all around the area."

  • It's Hanney's second day pounding the pavement. The reward has jumped to $2,300 for information about the people who brutally stabbed and hanged a pit bull September 6 on Illinois Ave. in broad daylight.

  • "This is the type of case that shakes even a hardened animal control professional," Director of Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter Jamie McAloon-Lampman said. "You think you've seen it all, you think you've heard it all and then you come across something like this, and it just shakes you. This dog suffered."

  • Officials know people saw the dog suffer, too. No one in the neighborhood wanted to reveal their name or face on camera, but one woman who was there when it happened spoke to us .

  • "I came out and saw the dog in a kennel on the front porch, and he was poking at it and prodding at it, trying to rile it up," the woman who lives on Illinois Ave. said. Neighbors say they saw two men stabbing the dog, and then hanging it from the roof with a rope, as it banged against the side of the house. Many people said the residents at the home have caused problems in the neighborhood in the past, and now they're even more afraid.

  • "Especially with our kids, it makes us nervous knowing that there's people living there that would make that type of decision, and what else would they be willing to do? I hope they get them for what they did," the neighbor said.

  • Animal Control wants to build a strong, solid case and is following up on every lead. "Any little bit helps. It can make or break a case, and that's why we need the witnesses to come forward," Deputy Hanney said. The shelter said they're close to filing charges, but they think the reward will help bring out key witnesses.

  • A non-profit group in New York City donated $2,000 to the fund. They said the case hit close to home, and they want the people caught as soon as possible.

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    As for the case near Hawk Island, the animal shelter is still running tests to learn exactly how the dog died. They hope more witnesses will speak up for that as well. Click on the image above for the full video report from FOX 47 News