Update Police Identify Lansing Teen Shot to Death

UPDATE: Lansing Police have identified the 19-year-old victim in a Wednesday morning shooting as Giovanni Anistasio Yeje. Witnesses say Yeje didn't live in the home on South Pennsylvania Avenue. 

A teenager is shot and killed Wednesday morning, and Lansing Police aren't saying much more than that. They say there were multiple people in the home at the South Pennsylvania Ave. residence, including a small child, when the shooting happened a little after 5:00 a.m. Police are calling it a homicide investigation, and they're hoping more people will come forward with information as they continue to interview witnesses.

  • A man who doesn't want his name used lives two doors down from where police found the 19-year-old's body, and was close with the people who lived there. He just spent time with them Tuesday night inside the house. In fact, his nephew was supposed to have a play date Wednesday with the little girl who lives there.

  • "Their daughter comes and plays with my nephew," the man said. "My nephew goes down there and plays. They were doing fine. There was no drama or no nothing that I could tell or knew about." Several other neighbors say there was drama last night and most nights of the week. "This area has always been kinda bad," Donna Haymon said.

  • Investigators found eight pitbull-mix puppies, their mother, and a German Shepherd inside the home.

  • Julia Farner lives behind the house, and said she could hear people fighting there Tuesday night. "There was an argument outside last night," Farner said. "This isn't exactly Rodeo Drive."

  • Then, at around 5:30 a.m. police responded to a 9-1-1 call and discovered two injured people speeding away from the scene on their way to the hospital. Police checked the house and found the shooting victim upstairs, but they're not disclosing much else.

  • "Trying to keep the integrity of the investigation together, we just can't share that information at this point in time," Lansing Chief of Police Mike Yankowski said.

  • Less than one hundred feet away from where the shooting occurred, there's a neighborhood watch sign now with caution tape wrapped around it. It says "criminals beware," and that's how police and neighbors are feeling now. They say it's a busy street and someone was bound to see something.

  • "This is a street that never sleeps, so, whoever did it, they were dumb for doing it," neighbor Sheri Jones said. "You're going to get caught."

  • Police won't say how many suspects they're looking for, how they entered the home, or what the motive might be. Whether they broke in or were let in, police are taking this crime very seriously.

  • "We're going to come after them, whether it's one person or five people involved in this, and they're going to be held accountable," Chief Yankowski said. "Because we're not going to tolerate this gun violence in the city."

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    Police are still conducting interviews as they wait on the autopsy report. They don't believe the teenager lived there, he was just visiting friends.

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