Old Town Lansing Finalist in PNC Grant Program

Old Town Lansing's Scrapfest Walking Tour is one of the finalists to receive a grant from the PNC Bank "Neighborhood Wishlist" program.


  • Scrapfest is a partnership between local community artists, the Michigan Main Street Association, and some of Old Town's oldest businesses. Together they have collaborated and allowed a chosen piece of artwork to be installed along the streets of Old Town annually.

  • Each year teams are given two weeks to create a sculpture that will be put on display at Lansing's Festival of Moon, and auctioned off at the Festival of the Sun.

  • While the artwork is installed and on display, Scrapfest is looking for funding so that it can give credit to the artists for their pieces. Currently, there are no signs of ownership.

  • The PNC grant would allow Scrapfest to develop and install informational plaques, which would introduce who built each sculpture, talk about the artwork, and encourage visitors to look for more sculptures throughout the neighborhood.

  • Old Town needs the community's help in this endeavor to win the grant. It's time to "Rock the Vote" Lansing! First go online to Facebook and "Like" the PNC Bank page here. Next, click HERE to vote for Old Town and the Scrapfest Walking Tour. Voting closes September 16th.