Now Trending Stories of the Week: June 2-6

In case you missed them, check out the top trending stories of the week. From a woman attaching her newborn daughter to the train of her wedding dress to the horrifying stabbing of a girl in Wisconsin by her 12-year-old friends, see the most popular trending stories from

  • The story of Ryland and the amazing thing that his family did for him is sweeping the Internet and attracting national attention. Click here to watch the video

  • Two 12-year-old girls stabbed a friend because of a fictional online meme called Slenderman. Click here to get details

  • A woman wanted her newborn to be a part of her wedding day, so she decided to attach her newborn to the train of her dress. Click here to watch the video

  • A woman needed a new kidney, and her perfect match was an unexpected person: her ex-fiance. Click here to learn more