Now Trending Stories of the Week: August 4-8

In case you missed them, check out the top trending stories of the week. From an adorable #ShareACoke pregnancy announcement video to the origins of a ship found at Ground Zero, see the most popular trending stories from

  • Four years ago, a mysterious hull of a ship was found in the wreckage of the World Trade Center towers at Ground Zero. We now know its origin. Click here to learn more

  • Housecreep is a website that allows users to learn the history of their home and the ones around it - including any past incidents like homicides or if there was a grow house on the property. Click here to learn more

  • We can't make this stuff up. A computer screenshot just sold for over $90,000 on eBay. Find out what was in the screenshot and why it sold for so much money

  • A 21-year-old man is dead after he took a selfie with a loaded gun. The veterinarian was reportedly drinking in Mexico City when he pointed the gun at his face for a picture for Facebook. Click here to learn more

  • A couple uses the #ShareACoke campaign to help announce their pregnancy in this adorable viral video. Watch the video here