Now Trending Stories of the Week: August 18-22

In case you missed them, check out the top trending stories of the week. From a gallery of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge fails to a groom faking his own death to back out of getting married, see the most popular trending stories from

  • A single mother's van was stolen while she was in a store. When she realized her cell phone was still in the vehicle, she began texting the thief in hopes of getting her vehicle back. Find out what happened here

  • By now you've probably seen friends, family, or celebrities you follow on social media participating in the #ALSIceBucketChallenge, which has helped the cause raise millions of dollars. check out our gallery of some ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos that don't go quite as planned

  • A bride-to-be was devastated to receive a call from her father-in-law and learn that her fiancĂ© had committed suicide before their wedding. But Alex Lanchester soon found out that her fiancĂ© was indeed alive - and had impersonated his father on that phone call. Learn what happened here

  • Need a little laugh? Watch internet celebrity Shark Cat meet his match with Shark Baby in this video guaranteed to make you giggle. Watch it here