Olivet Teen's 'Will to Live' Organization Helps Families Affected by Cancer

For the past five years, Will Kramer from Olivet, Michigan, has been battling lung cancer. During that time, his 15-year-old daughter, Alexandra Kramer, has become his number one supporter. Inspired by her father's fight against cancer, Allie and a couple of her friends coined the saying 'Will to Live' and launched the 'Will to Live' organization.

Allie's vision for the organization is to help other families in the Olivet community affected by cancer. In February, 'Will to Live' held a t-shirt fundraiser, which proved to be a success. Since then, Allie has raised enough money to purchase gift cards for families in the community, and she now has the funds to turn 'Will to Live' into a non-profit organization.

Not only is Allie helping families, she is inspiring other students to reach out and help make a difference in the community. Earlier this year, Olivet Varsity basketball players sponsored a 'Bow-tie Day,' friends bought and sold lanyards and bracelets, and now a group of high school students are putting on an event called 'Wishing Cancer Away: Ceremony of Lanterns.'

The 'Wish Away Cancer' event will be held this Saturday, June 14th, at 8 p.m. at the Olivet High School soccer practice fields. Students are selling lanterns for $3 to support 'Will to Live.' After a few speakers, including Allie, everyone will light their lanterns and wish cancer away as the lanterns are released.

Suzie Kramer, mother of Allie, said, "I am so inspired by my daughter's efforts and the effect it already has had on our community. She is a role model for her classmates, younger students, and even adults. I see 'Will to Live' becoming a successful organization in the years to come, that will not only help our community, but communities like it, all over the country."

The next 'Will to Live' event is a 5K run/walk that is planned for Sunday, October 5th, at Baker Sanctuary in Bellevue, Michigan.