Happy National Grilled Cheese Month From Tom+Chee

At Tom+Chee, the fastest growing grilled cheese and tomato soup empire in the U.S., their favorite holiday is National Grilled Cheese Day on April 12th. And the entire month of April is Grilled Cheese Month! Lansing has embraced Tom+Chee's quirky takes on comfort food classics since they opened downtown in January. Check out Tom+Chee here

  • "Flying Pig" : Roasted Turkey+Bacon+Pickles+Gouda+Sourdough At Tom+Chee, nothing’s impossible. You’ll grow wings when you taste this great combination.

  • "Armagoetta" : Goetta+Cherry Peppers+Fried Onions+Sweet Hot Mustard+Pepper Jack+Sourdough+Rye Made famous on Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food Nation”!

  • "Pep+Chee" : Pepperoni+Tomato Sauce+Mozzarella+Sourdough Pizza meets grilled cheese

  • "Grilled Mac + Cheese" : Mac & Cheese+Cheddar+White A comfort food mash-up – yep, it’s mac & cheese INSIDE a grilled cheese

  • "Hippie+Chee" : Hummus+Cucumber+Mixed Greens+Tomato+Cheddar+Wheat Vegetarians love this laid-back favorite