Good Deed for the Day: Retirees Get New Ramp

 Local carpenters take a day to build a ramp for a local elderly couple.

  • Some local carpenters gave up a day's pay to give back to their community.

  • Several from the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights Local 1004 volunteered their time to build a ramp for a 91-year-old retiree and his wheelchair-bound wife.

  • The carpenters donated the labor, while the UAW bought the materials to get the work done.

  • "It's great to be able to help someone out and by this afternoon, his wife is gonna be able to come out and sit on the deck," said kevin Klingler, Director of the MRCC. "We made it big enough-- not just a ramp-- but a nice little patio in a shaded area so she can get out and still have some quality of life and sit out in her chair."

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    Home Depot and a few other local businesses also helped out by giving discounts on the materials needed for the project. Click on the image to see video of the project.