Bumper Crop Means More Apples, Lower Prices

You won't have to shell out the big bucks to buy a gallon of cider this year.

  • Apples won't be as pricey either, thanks to the bumper crop Michigan is expected to get. The Michigan Apple Committee estimates about 30 million bushels for the 2013 season, compared to just 3 million bushels last year.

  • We called around for a price check. Uncle Johns Cider Mill in St. Johns is selling cider for $6.99 a gallon, down from $9.99 last year, when the weather ruined a lot of its crops.

  • Several farms are also bringing back the U-Pick service, including The Country Mill in Charlotte.

  • They were unable to offer it last year, because there were very few, if any, apples to pick.