Albion College Cleaning Up After Storm

 After a microburst storm left downed power lines and trees, Albion College closed its doors through the weekend.

  • The storm may have lasted only 20 minutes, but the amount of damage it caused on the Albion College campus was enough to surprise Sabelle Nielsen.

  • "Half of these trees are down, power lines were down, cars were destroyed," she said.

  • But an even bigger surprise came later, when the school told everyone they had to leave campus by noon, Thursday.

  • It put those in dorms and on-campus apartments in a tight spot.

  • College Interim President Mike Frandsen understands the difficulties with lining up rides over night, but says it had to be done because Consumers Energy claimed it could take a couple of days to fully restore power and clean up the campus.

  • "Based on the information we had at that time, the best thing to do to keep them safe was to ask them to leave," said Frandsen.

  • Thursday morning, saw power lines and debris still in the streets, but the only students remaining were about 100 who couldn't find a way home. They stayed in Seaton Hall.

  • For those who live in Albion, it was a different story. Chief Scott Kip says although very few structures have been damaged, the number of downed power lines and fallen trees is overwhelming.

  • "I know streets will be open and passable, but how long before it's actually cleaned up, I'm not sure."

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