Check Out: Tinytown Trading Company in Okemos

Having a new baby is expensive for a multitude of reasons, which is why having generous friends and family shower you with gifts is such a big help. But you can never be sure if your baby will like the items you picked out on your registry, and there are always items you didn't think about buying until you hear about them from fellow moms later on.

It's tough plunking down hundreds of dollars on toys, activity centers, and other items for baby when you know he or she will just be growing out of them in no time. That's why mom 2 mom sales are so popular, as well as hunting neighborhood garage sales to snag a barely-used baby carrier or play mat.

Now that my daughter Stella is four months old, she is able to occupy herself a bit more - and I recently learned just how popular exersaucers and jumperoos are with babies around her age and older.

But instead of spending over $100 on something brand new that she might or might not even like, I decided to check out the local children's consignment shop just down the street from our house.

Located next to K2 Consignments on Grand River Avenue in Okemos, Tinytown Trading Company features new and gently-used baby and toddler items. I perused their Facebook page and wouldn't you know it, they had a Fisher Price Jumperoo on sale for $59. A quick check on Babies-R-Us helped me find out that it retailed for nearly double that, and also had amazing reviews from parents.

I went into Tinytown yesterday with my daughter and fortunately, the Jumperoo was still there. Not only was I shown that all of the parts were in good working order and how to take it apart for cleaning/storing, but I was able to let Stella try it out and see if she liked it. That's something I wouldn't be able to do had I bought something online or even in another store. 

Although she's a bit too short still, she loved being in the Jumperoo and I was sold. 

We walked around the store to see what else they had, and I was impressed by the quality of the items for sale and the variety: from strollers to car seats, clothing of all sizes to toys and bicycles. 

I would completely recommend for parents to visit Tinytown Trading Company. The staff was very helpful and friendly, and the stock changes daily. 

When we got home, I wiped down our Jumperoo with disinfecting wipes and we were good to go. I think she'll enjoy her new (old) Jumperoo for months to come!

  • Photo Courtesy of Tinytown

  • Photo Courtesy of Tinytown

  • Photo Courtesy of Tinytown

  • Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo, featured on Tinytown's Facebook Page. Photo Courtesy of Tinytown

  • Stella in the Jumperoo at home

  • Loving her new (old) Jumperoo!