Landslide in Washington is Wreaking Havoc

A landslide on a hill overlooking Washington's Puget Sound is wreaking havoc on the neighborhood. More than two dozen homes have been impacted

A massive landslide knocked one home off its foundation and threatens more than two dozen others. The chaotic scene is taking place on Whidbey Island in Washington state . The slide began early Wednesday morning and some residents say they were woken up by a large rumbling  sound.

Many of the homes are summer cabins or weekend getaways and as a result were unoccupied but nearly three dozen folks who call the place home, have been forced to evacuate.

With a number of roads cut off by the slide, a few people living close to the water had to be rescued by boat. On higher ground, neighbors were helping neighbors, loading furniture, appliances, clothing, trying to haul away all they can.

Experts are being brought in to test the soil. There has been no significant rain in recent days so the immediate cause of the slide is unknown.

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