Detroit Emergency Financial Manager Officially in Office

Detroit is now the largest city in the country to be operating under state control. The city's new emergency financial manager is now in office, but he's already facing fierce opposition.

The emergency manager appointed to slash Detroit back to a balanced budget was not a popular guy his first day on the job Kevyn Orr said: "In my business, you're sort of the undertaker that walks up to the front door. I'm rarely welcomed with open arms."

That is because his task will be to take a chainsaw to the city budget in order to get the 327-million dollar deficit in line, and begin chipping down the 14-billion in long term debt.  To do it he will muscle aside the mayor and city council for whom demonstrators in Detroit voted

"The right to vote is at stake here, beyond the vision of economic reconstruction the very right and the power to vote. The right for a vote to count." said Jesse Jackson.  A slashing of city payroll is inevitable, so the union representing municipal employees is the first to bring a lawsuit.

Detroit may be the largest, but is not the first Michigan city subject to a takeover by an emergency manager. The mayor of Pontiac knows what it is like, responding to the question what kind of authority do you have? "right now, I have absolutely none."

The man who has the authority feels little pity for the elected officials who complain about their diminished clout stating: "Of course they have themselves to blame and they have themselves to blame because of mismanagement."

There is an effort to keep the talk optimistic as the emergency manager has just started the takeover. People in the motor city are hoping Detroit has hit rock bottom and will only go up from here. 



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